In 100 Words: Sharpen Your Resilience Thinking – The Why


Leaders have had a two-year crash course on a resilience mindset vs a mindset of maximizing efficiencies.  The global system which allowed for decades of squeezing ever greater profits out of systems, networks and supply chains has unraveled.  The pandemic and Ukraine war are simply two recent accelerators of a decade plus trend away from global inter-connectedness and toward nationalism (e.g., China policies, U.K. Brexit, and U.S. populist movement).

While change was always a norm, greater change will be the new norm so continue building the resilience mindset.  Think flexible systems.  Build sufficient financial and talent resources to weather turbulence.

Resilience is “The capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and still retain its basic function and structure.”  Brian Walker and David Salt in Resilience Thinking

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