Troy Schrock

Troy has 20 years of professional advising experience.  Upon graduating from the University of Illinois, he began his career as a CPA.  During this time, Troy avidly studied the writings of Peter Drucker and other noted business authorities.  In 1999, he cofounded CEO Advisors, LLC to help CEOs and executive teams build great and enduring organizations.  CEO Advisors, LLC recognized that the market did not need more ideas; it needed help implementing the great ideas that already existed.  Through working with clients, CEO Advisors, LLC developed The CEO Advantage™ unique process and began licensing it to independent advisors in 2004. 

While building CEO Advisors, LLC, Troy also began delivering CFO advisor services to clients.  After years of refining this work, he developed and trademarked the Financial Visibility and Control System™ and the ActionCFO Process™ for the purpose of licensing it to other CFO advisors.

In addition to continuing his work with clients (some of whom he has served for nearly a decade), Troy currently serves as an advisor to advisors.  He is the certification trainer for both ActionCFO and CEO Advantage advisors and enjoys managing the Professional Communities for both brands.  The work of Advisor Catalyst is motivated by Troy's three primary passions: the Bible, business, and lifetime effectiveness.

Troy and his wife, Jennifer, enjoy homeschooling and traveling with their three children.

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