Advisor Catalyst Overview

Advisor Catalyst equips independent business advisors with the tools for long-term client relationships.

How Do We Do It?
Our advisors are not employees of Advisor Catalyst.  They each run their own business and have their own clients.  Once certified in our brands, their only obligation to us is a flat licensing fee – no complicated formulas, tracking requirements, or commissions.  Our advisors are independent, however, they are not alone.  Each brand:

  • gives advisors a focused offering to take to market.  To be connected to something larger than themselves, presenting an array of branded materials to prospective clients, is an advantage for our advisors.
  • includes a Client Delivery System™ developed out of years of actual work with clients.  We train advisors to implement the CDS and provide ongoing resources and support as they build their advising businesses.
  • has a Professional Community, a forum of licensed advisors to tap for help with client-related issues, business development, and ongoing professional development.
  • continually develops new intellectual capital (e.g., articles, presentations, e-newsletters) to aid advisors in their client work and business development.  Our purpose is to build the reputations of our advisors as noted authorities in their respective fields.

What is a Client Delivery System™?
A Client Delivery System (CDS) includes:

  • A systematic process that can be customized for each client.
  • A low-risk way for clients to engage your services and begin building trust for a long-term business relationship. 
  • A fee structure based on value.

All advisors want to help their clients get results.  A CDS provides advisors with the tools and confidence to do just that.

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Our Brands

Action CFO logo
  • For advisors serving as part-time CFOs for midsize businesses
  • Ideal Experience Requirements:  10+ years as a CPA, CFO, divisional controller, or commercial banker.

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CEO Advantage logo
  • For advisors working with CEOs and executive teams of midsize organizations on strategy execution
  • Ideal Experience Requirements:  10+ years as a CEO, entrepreneur, or senior executive.

Become an CEO Advantage Advisor.

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